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First, you must provide some information regarding your CSSE account, so that we can identify you.
The following item is mandatory:
CSSE Member Number

Please also provide any ONE of the following items:
Last Name
Email Address
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Finally, specify the Web Login ID & Password you would like to use for future access to this online CSSE member system.
You should choose values that will be easy for you to remember.
CSSE Web Login ID Must be 4 to 10 characters. Here are 2 examples
(1) jsmith (First initial and last name)
(2) john.smith (The left part of your email address)
CSSE Web Password Must be 4 to 10 characters.
Something not easily guessed or 'cracked' by others.
Password Retyped The password you enter will not be shown.
You must type it in twice to guard against typing errors.

I hereby authorize the organization to retain personal information about me in an internal database that may be used for future communication regarding activities, benefits and services available to members. CSSE does not rent or sell its membership information.

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